The strength of DiagnoNET is derived from a unique business model to bridge the interests and needs of decision makers  for clinical utility testing of biomarkers (Dx/CDx) to drug target validation and financing of innovative medicines. Depending on the status of a client’s translational R&D program, we design and execute tailored strategies within the scope of a given framework program.

Science and Arts - Unlocking the potential of novel biomarker signatures by immunofluorescence (IF) analysis.

Clinical Utility Analysis

DiagnoNET facilitates relationships with a comprehensive network of clinicians and pathologists located in general hospitals, academic medical centers and pathology research laboratories worldwide.


We customize each collaboration together with an interdisciplinary team of medical experts and opinion leaders based on the client's clinical objectives and overall goals. Depending on the medical application, an international consortium with access to specialized knowledge about disease classes and therapeutic interventions, is organized with DiagnoNET for strategic input and leadership management.


In many instances, clinical utility testing in a given disease can be achieved by either prospective sampling of patients in multi-center trials or retrospective access to standardized biological materials (typically comprised of RNA, DNA, tissues, cells, blood or other body fluids) with longitudinal clinical outcome information.









Maketing and Forecast

DiagnoNETs experience and market insights allows our clients to capitalize on their product development pipeline independent of their current size ranging from emerging diagnostic  to fully integrated biotech corporations.


We can provide crucial insights into defining and selecting attractive markets via our collaborative network and unique methods. These include forecast and stream analysis of patient populations occurring in hospital and academic settings, statistical datasets and packages derived from open sources (e.g. analyst reports for prevalence and incidence rates of disease indications).


When combining such hard data sets into a business model, one can forecast and project accurately the commercial impact of molecular diagnostic products in disease management.



Advisory in Financing

We support early stage drug discovery and diagnostic programs with the identification and execution of national/international grant applications or VC funding.


Proven track record with Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS), Austrian Funding Agencies (COMET Programs including K-Project and K1-Project), FFG (Basisprogram and Research Studios Austria) and European Funding Agencies (FP7 and HORIZON 2020).


Business mentor at Science Park Graz to provide strategic advice to start-up companies for business planning, financing (PreSeed/Seed) and strategic partnering with third parties.